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Hello, my name is Jakob Ross.

In 2011, I began my blogging with a fun little site called Concert Confessions. I was 14 when I began this venture, and quickly found myself in a bizarre little Internet community of concert review writers and avid music-heads, from whom I learned (and gained) a lot.

That same year, I started cataloging and keeping track of my favorite releases in an end-of-the-year list format. My music taste began developing at a rapid rate, which exponentially increased in 2012.

In 2013, I started Jakob’s Album Reviews, which I kept up pretty consistently until I started college in autumn 2014. Then… not so consistently. The last piece I had written here was dated as April 2015, so it’s been two years and a lot has changed. Most of my album reviews since then have been published for The Daily of the University of Washington. I’ve also become more active on RateYourMusic (my username is JayEssArr if you’re interested).

After getting a bunch of emails that I ignored of people leaving comments on various reviews I’d done here (a vast majority of which come from my Top 25 Scariest Bands list) I finally gave the ol’ blog a revisit and noticed that I’d accrued over 100 followers, with tens of thousands of views over the last four years clocked into my frequently incoherent and bitter, subjective music reviews. Awesome.

Anyway, if any of you are out there and are for real, I’d like to take this up again. Lists, album reviews, concert reviews, maybe some think-pieces, I don’t know. Just some stuff to ease my mind and get my thoughts about music out there. I’m going to keep up everything I’ve written previously as a relic, but keep in mind that the 2013-2015 pieces are going to be very different in tone, content, and taste to what I’m going to start churning out. I’ve gained a lot of perspective that has altered my inclinations somewhat, but (I think) it’s all been for the better.

I will continue doing numbered scores just because I think they bring comfort to people. One of my biggest complaints about the way I ran this blog before is that my scores tend to be all over the place. In attempting to replicate Pitchfork’s decimal system, I gave what I would consider to be ridiculously high scores to albums I don’t even remember today. Such is the naïveté of youth.

Anyway, if you’re still subscribed to this channel, and you’re out there, hopefully you get a kick out of anything I write in the future. Maybe relive some memories of older stuff, too. I don’t know. This is more for me than it is for anyone else, but if other people get a kick out of it, then that’s fucking awesome.

Jakob S. Ross

4 June 2017


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