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MF DOOM & Bishop Nehru – “NehruvianDOOM” – ALBUM REVIEW

MF DOOM & Bishop Nehru “NehruvianDOOM”


Some of my favorite hip-hop albums of all time are the products of MF DOOM. He’s responsible for classics like “Operation Doomsday,” “Mm.. Food,” and “Madvillainy.” His flow and aesthetic has been imitated for over a decade by countless rappers and his legacy in the hip-hop world has pretty much been cemented. He’s known as much for his impeccable wit as he is for his countless collaborations, his most recent of which is with relative up-and-comer Bishop Nehru. Nehru is a youngster in the game with very few projects under his belt, but I suppose the collaboration makes sense. While I agree that Nehru is a good rapper that feels like equal parts Del Tha Funky Homosapien and Nas, the resulting album/EP, “NehruvianDOOM,” isn’t quite as good as I hoped it would be.

The biggest problem with “NehruvianDOOM” is that its a bit too much “Nehruvian” and not nearly enough “DOOM.” While I’m sure that DOOM provided all of the album’s excellent production (complete with a league of overlong and incredibly weird samples), I prefer it when he’s behind the mic. I get that DOOM sees something in Nehru and he’s trying to put him in the spotlight, with DOOM’s work ethic slowing down as the years go by, I’d like to hear as many new verses from him as I can get. With that said, there are worse rappers that DOOM could have partnered with. I’m not too familiar with Nehru’s back catalog, but I’m willing to bet that this is the best project he’s been a part of. The production is incredible and a good portion of Nehru’s verses make this album well worth the listen. Not every song on here is a win, but the songs that are definitely give me faith in Bishop Nehru’s prospective career.

Overall, this mini-album has its strengths and its faults. Maybe if it were a little bit longer there would be more time for me to get used to Nehru and to get familiar with his style and flow. Also, I’ll say it again, I’m positive I’m not the only one who was disappointed by the lack of DOOM verses on this thing. His presence is kept in the shadows much like his villainous character, but there’s no one out there who spits quite like DOOM. If the two do decide to collaborate again, I hope they opt for a longer and more focused project. “NehruvianDOOM” has potential, but it’s not anything I love or am super excited about.

SCORE – 6.0

FAVORITE TRACKS – Om, Mean the Most, DARKNESS, Caskets, Great Things


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