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PARTYNEXTDOOR is a Canadian R&B singer coming from the same scene as artists like Drake and The Weeknd, though his music is more in the same style as lean-soaked sing-rappers like Future and Young Thug. Last year he put out his self-titled debut mixtape/EP to critical acclaim, and this year he’s back with his debut studio album “PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO.” The music is just as conspicuous and sexy as it was last year, with the added bonus of spectacularly catchy choruses. It’s not all too original or thought-provoking, but fans of hip-hop and R&B  should find a lot to enjoy here, especially in the production.

If “TWO” is anything at all, it’s consistent. If you like one particular song on this album, you’re likely to enjoy pretty much all of them. I can see why that would come off as boring to some, but PARTYNEXTDOOR is good enough that he can maintain a formula and make it interesting throughout a 12-song album. He’s no Frank Ocean, but he’s not trying to be. He’s trying to make catchy, highly sexualized R&B with a layer of cough syrup, and he does it with the confidence of someone who’s been doing it for several years.

All in all, “TWO” is not an essential album. It’s a well-produced, more-than-decent, enjoyable album that is surprisingly upbeat for an R&B record. I’m certainly enjoying it more than I enjoyed Future’s latest record, “Honest.” From the “Latch” sample used as the foundation for “Sex on the Beach” to the soaring chorus of “FWU,” PARTYNEXTDOOR’s debut is strong. It’s not as lovable or memorable as Frank Ocean’s “channel ORANGE” or The Weeknd’s “House of Balloons,” but it shows PARTYNEXTDOOR as a promising figure in the underground R&B world, though with his ties to Drake he’s probably not too underground.

In short, check this album out if you like the direction that mainstream hip-hop and R&B appears to be heading. If you wish Drake sounded more like Future or that Future’s songs were more catchy and less contrived then you should enjoy this album. It’s not perfect, though, and PARTYNEXTDOOR should definitely look to change up or vary his sound if he wants to achieve continued critical success.

SCORE – 7.8

FAVORITE TRACKS – East Liberty, SLS, Sex on the Beach, Her Way, Grown Woman, FWU, Options, Bout It, Muse


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