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Dikembe – “Mediumship” – ALBUM REVIEW

Dikembe “Mediumship”


Gainesville rockers Dikembe is another one of those indie rock bands commonly associated with the new emo movement. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Jakob, if you do one more emo review I’m going to never look at anything you post ever again.” To that I say: “Chill out.”

Dikembe go about taking a more atmospheric and post-rock influenced approach to emo, coming off like a more abridged The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die. The band belongs to the same label as The Hotelier, whose album “Home, Like Noplace Is There” is one of my favorites this year. And while “Mediumship” is a good album, I must say it hardly stands out amongst the crowd of emo groups experimenting with the same sounds and doing it better. I had the same complaint about You Blew It!’s album that came out this year, “Keep Doing What You’re Doing.” Emo is getting to a place in this new revival where bands are starting to sound more and more alike. If this album had come out five years ago, I probably would have praised Dikembe for the way they reinterpret moody 90s alt-rock into an atmospheric emo album unlike any other. Unfortunately for them, there are several albums that take what “Mediumship” does and does it better.

This is not to discount Dikembe as a good band. I still recommend this album and this band if you’re at all interested in understanding the emo revival. Dikembe is relatively accessible and relatable. They’re the perfect balance between intense hard rock and quiet indie rock. “Mediumship” is a good starting point, but the genre as a whole does get quite a bit better.

In the context of all emo music, Dikembe does tend to appear generic. I won’t deny that. But, if you instead consider it an experimental indie rock album with some emo leanings, then you might find some enjoyment out of it. If all you listen to is Sunny Day Real Estate and you’re looking for a band that reimagines that sort of sound, Dikembe just might be perfect for you. If you’re iPod is saturated with the genre, however, you might want to skip this album. All in all, I find it an enjoyable release from a group of talented musicians, but it doesn’t stand out.

SCORE – 6.9

FAVORITE TRACKS – Even Bother, Hood Rat Messiah, Las Vegas Weather, 24 Karats, Mad Frustrated, Gets Harder, Throw Lips


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