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Shlohmo & Jeremih – “No More” – MIXTAPE/EP REVIEW

Shlohmo & Jeremih “No More”


Shlohmo is one of America’s most accomplished producers of the past few years. His melodic style has led him to considerable fame in the indie-electronic world, and his 2011 debut “Bad Vibes” received quite a bit of acclaim. His latest project is a collaboration with Chicago R&B singer Jeremih, who he has worked with in the past. The result is “No More,” a free 6-song EP that is equal parts bright, wobbly, and murky. Included on the EP is a remix of Jeremih’s track “Fuck You All The Time.” I’ve never heard the original, but the remix featured on the album is dark, compelling, and super catchy, though I don’t really care for Jeremih’s “sticky icky icky” verse.

“No More” doesn’t feel quite as good as it should. Maybe Shlohmo should have opted to collaborate with a better contemporary-R&B singer since we’re in the midst of an explosion in that field. Everything that Jeremih does has, I think, been done better by people like The Weeknd and How to Dress Well. But I digress, since this is the EP Shlohmo and Jeremih made together.

One song that kind of bothered me is “Dope,” an ostensible throwaway track with an annoyingly over-autotuned chorus. Don’t get me wrong, autotune doesn’t frequently bother me, but if you’re making a name for yourself as a good singer then maybe ditch that particularly device. I was also disappointed with Chance the Rapper’s short verse on the closing track “The End.” I’m as big a Chance fan as the next guy, but his verse didn’t really show his strengths. Someone who really hated Chance would probably point to his verse on this track as proof that Chance sucks (but he doesn’t.)

This EP has potential, and one day Shlohmo and Jeremih could maybe make a great full-length project together. Songs like “No More” and “Bo Peep” are powerful, impeccably produced, and well written. It’s not all bad! But because there’s so little to draw from and half the songs aren’t really great, it’s hard to call this EP successful. Decent effort, but ultimately it could be better. It feels like six bonus tracks from a great LP rather than a great EP. Though it has in a way put Jeremih, the novelty act behind “Birthday Sex,” on the map for me. Let’s just hope both artists can do better in the future.

SCORE – 5.6

FAVORITE TRACKS – No More, Bo Peep, Let It Go


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