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Posture & The Grizzly – “Busch Hymns” – ALBUM REVIEW

Posture & The Grizzly “Busch Hymns”


Can you believe that it’s only been like a week since I last reviewed an emo album? Well I wouldn’t tell you about it unless I had some sort of strong opinion about it, and let me tell you that Posture & The Grizzly’s debut(?) album is worth mentioning. The Connecticut trio combines pop punk, punk rock, and emo in ways that you can imagine I’m very familiar with. I mean seriously, if there’s one thing I must surely be familiar with it’s all the possible stylings and leanings of the all-encompassing emo genre. While Posture & The Grizzly isn’t the most original thing to hit the scene, their music shows immense promise in its energy, lyrical content, and emotional prowess.

In a post-post-Jawbreaker world, this kind of music is commonplace and not usually very good. Usually making lasting punk music involves doing what punks tend to do best: write short songs. And if Posture & The Grizzly’s songs are nothing else, they’re short. This 8-song LP (if you’re willing to call it that) is only about 17 minutes long. So even if you don’t like this album it’s not like you would have wasted much time. But for those of you who do enjoy it like I do, it only makes you want more. Posture & The Grizzly’s music is pretty infectious as songs in this genre tend to be. And while short songs and albums can strengthen a fan base (see Joyce Manor or even Young Fathers if you’re a hip hop fan), it can sometimes be a shortcoming.

Despite its length, “Busch Hymns” is surprisingly compelling. Upon viewing the cover I must admit I didn’t think I’d be listening to an album that I’d want to listen to repeatedly. It looks like the kind of cheesy album you’d glaze over in Hot Topic on your way to the newest Paramore album. But of course all that changed once I pressed play. It sounds like a mixture of Brand New and Snowing; experimental pop punk meets cathartic emotional hardcore. It’s a quick burst of pizza-fueled energy that isn’t likely to leave my personal rotation any time soon. While it’s not the best emo album I’ve heard all year, it’s a good one that proves Posture as a force to be reckoned with in the ever-expanding scene. It’s tinged with a bit of silliness and irony just like a lot of music in this style is, but it’s hard to deny as just a great punk rock album.

SCORE – 8.0

FAVORITE TRACKS – No Brains, Because I Got High, Sister Charles Marie, Egg Nog Drunk Off of Hilary Duff’s Piss, Modern Punk, God’s Drugs, Jordan Michael’s Space Jam


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