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Speedy Ortiz – “Real Hair” – EP REVIEW

Speedy Ortiz “Real Hair”


Last year, Massachusetts 4-piece Speedy Ortiz wowed me with their debut album “Major Arcana,” which found a way to make 90s nostalgia interesting and memorable in ways that few bands are able to accomplish. I love the band’s noisy instrumentation and lead vocalist Sadie Dupuis’ honest lyricism, but I think the band has a long way to go in terms of really perfecting their imperfect sound and ensuring that they don’t become a bad replica of Insert 90s Band Here. Before they potentially make or break their career with Album #2, they’ve put out a new four-song EP called “Real Hair.” I’m not sure if these are extra tracks from the “Major Arcana” recording sessions or what, but they do cover pretty much the same ground they did last year.

While I wouldn’t call “Real Hair” a change of pace, the band is still fun to listen to all the same. I like the way the band sounds and I still enjoy the lyrics that Sadie writes, but I suppose I don’t feel as excited as this release as I did about their full length. Again, this is a 13-and-a-half minute EP so it’s tough to really judge the band’s progression on it. It’s been like 7 months since their album so I shouldn’t expect much. But again, I’m not super psyched about this release.

However, I don’t hate it. Like I said, musicianship is still tight as ever and I have no real complaints about the lyricism. I just hope for bigger and better things for the band as anticipation for their next release grows. We probably won’t see a new Speedy Ortiz album until next year as they’re still touring in support of “Major Arcana,” but when they do put out their next project I really hope they put out something that blows me away like they did last year.

SCORE – 7.0

FAVORITE TRACKS – They’re all pretty good, I guess


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