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Lune Kiri – “Demo” – DEMO/EP REVIEW

Lune Kiri “Demo”


Not too long ago, a buddy of mine who owns a small record label was telling me how excited he was by the label’s most recent release. He described it was a mix between Swans, The Mars Volta, and Deafheaven. Having never seen him so excited by a release, I decided to give it a few listens and share my thoughts through review. While I’m usually weary of smalltime signings, I do find myself pretty impressed by what has been done here.

Lune Kiri is a Raleigh, NC-based metal quartet whose music incorporates memories of atmospheric post-metal groups like Neurosis and The Ocean, high-energy post-hardcore acts like La Dispute and Touché Amoré, and the jaw-dropping noise blasts of bands like Boris and Swans. Needless to say based on this demo EP, my friend was pretty much spot on about what Lune Kiri sounded like and what they were trying to go for. The music itself is very dynamic and seems to pride itself on its constant shifts between different moods, textures, and speeds. It’s all very well rehearsed and very well put together. I won’t deny that at all.

While the instrumentation is as spot on and surprisingly high fidelity as it gets, there are a few things I’d like for Lune Kiri to maybe attempt in the future (obviously this is all my personal opinion and this band can do whatever they please). I must admit, I was kind of hoping for some sort of vocal performance. There is very little wrong with the music by itself, though the performances are a bit rough around the edges, but I think if the group wanted to achieve what it seems like they’re trying to achieve then they’d hire a vocalist. There are whole new realms of possibility in that field, but I’m afraid that there are very few places they could go instrumentally that would keep them from falling into some sort of formula.

For the most part, “Demo” is shockingly good. For one thing, it doesn’t sound at all like a demo. Everything is pretty much mixed perfectly which leads me to believe that the band has some experience in this area. The musicians performing are great at their instruments and definitely seem capable of syncing up with each other in ways that are pretty much necessary to succeed in an instrumental band. I would just like to see more in the way of experimentation from Lune Kiri in the future. But, once again, this isn’t even their proper debut. It’s a demo EP that has no shortage of surprises and shifts. If you don’t like something, wait a few minutes and the band is bound to change up what they’re doing. It’s enjoyable and accomplishes what it means to and these days that’s more than we should be asking from bands that are fresh on the scene.


SCORE – 7.5

FAVORITE TRACKS – A Black Friday, Stockholm, A Burning House


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