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Crywank – “Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid” – ALBUM REVIEW

Crywank “Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid”


Right in between Crystal Castles and The Cure in my iTunes library lies the much more depressing and excellently named (or horribly named depending on who you are) Crywank, a folk-emo duo from Manchester, England. Their 2009 debut “James Is Going To Die Soon” was, and still is, an incredibly sad record, and since then Crywank haven’t exactly mellowed out. The music itself isn’t very chaotic in comparison to other emo groups out there (and I hesitate to even call this an emo record) but that only causes the listener to focus on the self-deprecation that lies within these lyrics. And again, this is not a happy album, nor is it a happy band. Lead singer James Clayton may not be the greatest guitarist in the world, but he knows how to deliver his lyrics with convincing sadness as opposed to seething rage of other emo groups.

Looking at the song titles and album cover, one can easily make the assumption that this album is a quirky hipster folk-rock record, but that person would be wrong. There isn’t very much about “Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday” that is quirky. Like… at all. This album could very well be one of the saddest I’ve heard all year, but something about the arpeggiated guitar parts and memorable lyrics just makes me want to keep listening. I guess you could call it the Carissa’s Wierd effect. The songs on here may be short, but I couldn’t imagine them being much longer. Crywank is obviously a vehicle for James to deliver his lyrics with that beautifully imperfect voice of his, and once he’s sung all the necessary lyrics there’s not much need to go on, which of course explains the 1-2 minute tracks.

While James’ voice is similar to Chris Martin’s, this band’s music is much more clever and important than that of Coldplay’s. Plus, it’s minimalism at its finest, with the only sounds being those that come from Clayton’s voice, his guitar, and the light tapping of the drums in the background. It really does have the atmosphere that a lot of sad albums lack.

I’d say that the band that Crywank sounds nearest to is Violent Femmes. The sexual frustration, social awkwardness, and action potential of this band are all definitely inspired by the bitter cynicism and emotional capabilities of Violent Femmes. And this album is great for this time, too. It’s November, it’s getting cold outside, you have to prepare yourself for Thanksgiving Dinner which will almost surely be a disaster. Maybe pop in the new Crywank while you’re cooking and have yourself a good cry while you’re doing so. It might not appeal to everyone, but it’s hard for me to ignore just how high the replay value on this album is, despite the fact that it’s not very upbeat. Either way, it’s incredible, relatable, and worth your time, especially if you’re an emo aficionado like I am. And how can you not be intrigued when the band has a name like Crywank?

SCORE – 9.1

FAVORITE TRACKS – Memento Mori, Song For A Guilty Sadist, Notches, Crywank Are Posers, Only Everyone Can Judge Me, GB Eating GB Whilst Listening to GB, Deep Down I’m American Werewolf, Waste, I Am A Familiar Creak In Your Floorboards, Do You Have PPE For Self Esteem?, This Song Title Was Too Long (So Now It’s Shorter), I Am Shit, I’m A Cliche, Just A Snail


2 comments on “Crywank – “Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid” – ALBUM REVIEW

  1. Zomb Knotts
    November 14, 2013

    Thank you for the introduction to this masterpiece!

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