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Sky Ferreira – “Night Time, My Time” – ALBUM REVIEW

Sky Ferreira “Night Time, My Time”


Indie pop princess Sky Ferreira has had her fair share of controversy in the year leading up to her debut full length album “Night Time, My Time.” Probably most famously, her and her boyfriend (DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith) were arrested for possession of ecstasy tablets and heroin, respectively. Ferreira also posed nude for what would become her album cover, which was shot by notorious director Gaspar Noé. Not off to the best start in the music business, but with some catchy singles, good looks, and buzz from blogs the world over, Sky can now begin her reign of terror over the industry.

“Night Time, My Time” is more than just a pop record. There’s also shoegaze and noise pop influence (I assume she got that from her boyfriend), as well as a little bit of lo-fi, psych rock, and garage rock. But mostly, “Night Time, My Time” is a record full of incredibly catchy and listenable pop songs that are really a step above some of the more well known pop singers out there. Step aside Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and probably Lady Gaga, there’s a new queen in town and she cares way less than you do. Another brilliant aspect of “Night Time, My Time” is just how cool it sounds. It’s energetic, fairly well written and well produced, and could have been released in 1985 and soundtracked a John Hughes film and it would still sound awesome. If they ever make a sequel to the movie Drive then I would hope a Sky Ferreira track or two would make it onto the soundtrack. It’s just an undeniably neat sounding album.

If you ask me, this record is what that Haim record should have been. It definitely leans more synthpop than Haim does, but still retains a distinctly 80s quality to it, as I mentioned. The fact of the matter is, every song on here is, at the worst, decent. Sure, not every song is super upbeat. In fact, quite a few songs on here are lyrically dark, and that darkness is sometimes reflected in the instrumentation. Check the title track, which is the last song on the album. It sounds like a song Fiona Apple wished she’d written. I do anticipate that this album won’t be for everyone. Some will be bored by the pop sensibilities, especially the songs that seem to recall sounds that Sleigh Bells have tried out before. But I think that overall, “Night Time, My Time” is a great debut that dabbles in enough sounds to be interesting while also being memorable and catchy. It may not be as completely accessible as that Charli XCX album or as infamous as “Random Access Memories,” but Sky Ferreira is onto something here, and it’s great now but has potential for even further greatness in the future.

SCORE – 8.4

FAVORITE TRACKS – Boys, 24 Hours, Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay), I Blame Myself, Omanko, You’re Not The One, Heavy Metal Heart, I Will


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