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The Body – “Christs, Redeemers” – ALBUM REVIEW

The Body “Christs, Redeemers”


American sludge metal act The Body have been around for over a decade, but “Christs, Redeemers” is only their third album, which I suppose can be interpreted into a metaphor related to their musical style, which is of course a slow, methodical genre. The Body have always experimented past the realm of sludge metal with usually awesome, incredibly loud results. They’re part Electric Wizard and part Wolf Eyes, often adding noise, industrial styles, and samples into the mix. With “Christs, Redeemers” comes a lo-fi experiment in noise that The Body is best known for: ear-piercing shrieking vocals, guitars tuned so low they’re barely audible, and intense atmosphere.

Making cool music seems to just come easily to The Body. Their ability to build the intensity from moody ambience to eerie madness is just fascinating, although it doesn’t exactly remain fascinating for the duration of the album. “Christs, Redeemers” is not necessarily a bad album, however it does get somewhat monotonous towards the end. It does get a little bit frustrating having the drums louder than the guitars. I don’t know if the recording quality is like this on purpose, but all of the sounds are so muddy that it almost distracts from the actual musical quality. And the songs that do sound okay sometimes feel like they’re incomplete. The Body are a band that could put out really long songs (as they have) and I’d absolutely be okay with it. Their previous album was about an hour long spread out onto 3-discs and it’s a pretty great album. “Christs, Redeemers” is closer to 40 minutes and the two longest tracks barely hit the seven-minute mark.

While what The Body is doing is very interesting and has been excellent in the past, what I feel they need to do is put out a really long record. I’m talking two hours long. Also, I’d suggest maybe invest in a better recording system. Lo-fi works for some bands, but I feel with the huge orchestral sound The Body are going for, better recording would be more suitable. Other than that, “Christs, Redeemers” is a pretty great and consistent record of pained wails, heavy guitars, and some of the best in experimental sludge metal. It’s got huge aspirations that don’t always succeed, but one day The Body are going to release a masterpiece, I can feel it.

SCORE – 7.7

FAVORITE TRACKS – To Attempt Openness, Melt Away, An Altar or a Grave, Failure to Desire to Communicate, Prayers Unanswered, Bearer of Bad Tidings


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