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Deltron 3030 – “Event II” – ALBUM REVIEW

Deltron 3030 “Event II”



Back in 2000, we received a transmission from the future telling the tale of Deltron Zero and how he defeated evil corporations that controlled the universe during a period of economic turmoil and oppression. This testament to the merit of rebellion and fighting for what’s right was incredibly enjoyable to listen to as well as extremely well crafted through and through. Unfortunately, 13 years passed before we heard any sign of a return from Deltron 3030, the group responsible for delivering this futuristic masterpiece in cinematic hip hop. Finally, though, we have a sequel. Deltron has returned with Automator 10 years after the events that took place in “Deltron 3030,” and this record is called “Event II.” And what an event this is.

In this dystopian future world, things aren’t exactly better on Earth. Hoodlums are scaring the elderly, the homeless are rapping about how things used to be, and a new incarnation of Deltron Zero—Deltron Osiris—has to once again save the universe. Rapper Del Tha Funkee Homosapien tells us the new tale of Deltron Osiris in a way that is incredibly interesting. He finds rhymes in scientific and mathematic terms where I could never even imagine rhymes exist. While the skits this time around (which feature cute couple David Cross and Amber Tamblyn as well as The Lonely Island and David Chang) don’t truly add much, this highly anticipated sophomore album is certainly not the most disappointing comeback I’ve heard all year.

Del enlists the help of many guests to help tell his story, from notable aforementioned comedians to actor Joseph Gordon Levitt to 90s alt rock superstars Mike Patton and Zach De La Rocha to Scott Pilgrim star Mary Elizabeth Winstead, this album is pretty stacked. Even Damon Albarn makes an appearance, having made one on the last Deltron album, as well as having had Del rap on a few Gorillaz songs, most notably “Clint Eastwood.” 

The Deltron 3030 group have always been able to deliver some excellent production underneath the hypnotic flows of Del. Producer Dan The Automator provides some incredible sample-based beats that reflect the futuristic sci-fi environment of “Event II” in incredible ways. While “Event II” is a great album, I can’t help but think that this is more of a physical thing I’m glad we have than it is a great followup. It’s sort of a rehash of the events that took place in the adventures of Deltron Zero 13 years ago. Del is still delivering some fast-paced, humorous, impossibly creative lines over some great beats, but it still feels like I’ve heard all this before. Still I can’t help but be grateful that a new Deltron 3030 album exists and it doesn’t suck.

So “Event II” isn’t a perfect album. The skits don’t really make the events feel as dramatic as they should be, and there a bit too many guest contributions that aren’t totally necessary. But overall “Event II” is a great new saga in the futuristic life of Deltron, be he Zero or Osiris. This “Empire Strikes Back” is well worth the wait if you enjoy the production and lyricism of the “New Hope” that was “Deltron 3030.” It’s fun, fantastical, and as tight and verbose as Deltron was 13 years ago. So sit back, wait for the hover sandwich to hit the floor, and enjoy.

SCORE – 7.8

FAVORITE TRACKS – The Return, Pay The Price, Nobody Can, Melding of the Minds, What Is This Loneliness, City Rising From The Ashes


One comment on “Deltron 3030 – “Event II” – ALBUM REVIEW

  1. pauldbwatkins
    October 29, 2013

    Just stumbled on this review. Nice blog. I posted a review with similar sentiments around the same time (http://pauldbwatkins.com/2013/10/06/deltron-3030-event-ii-review/). Definitely a fun album. Cheers, Paul.

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