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Superchunk – “I Hate Music” – ALBUM REVIEW

Superchunk “I Hate Music”


In the world of indie rock from the late 80s and early 90s, it rarely gets better than Superchunk. In fact, if you ask me, Superchunk are up there with bands like Pixies and Pavement, although for some reason Superchunk never quite achieved the level of popularity that those bands did. Nearly 25 years after they formed, Superchunk are still making great music ten albums into their career and without ever breaking up—although they did refrain from releasing any studio material between 2001’s “Here’s to Shutting Up” and 2010’s “Majesty Shredding.”

“I Hate Music” is the group’s 10th album and their second post-hiatus album, and it is an incredibly bold statement that made blog headlines when its title was announced, although the title in context to the songwriting is mostly tongue-in-cheek (“I hate music, what is it worth?/It can’t bring anyone back to this earth”). The North Carolina four-piece sound as youthful as ever on this record, playing with a power-pop intensity and spirit that would make Bob Mould proud to be an American.

“I Hate Music” is an incredibly fun release that I find nearly impossible to stop listening to. It’s eleven super-catchy songs from a band that is absolutely a must-listen if you enjoy Sugar or Teenage Fanclub. You can seriously listen to any one of Superchunk’s albums and find something to love about it, because Superchunk have yet to release a bad album, and “I Hate Music” continues that trend of great tunes for great times. And this isn’t one of those cheesy albums that sounds cool unless you listen closely. It really is a great album from a great band that does not get nearly enough recognition.

There are loads of bands that have been around for 25 years and release lackluster albums that don’t really deserve much recognition but remind us that the band will never return to its original greatness—I’m looking at you, The Fall—but Superchunk is not one of those bands. They’re one of the few who can go nine years without releasing any studio material and then come back and blow everyone away with some amazing music. If you’re looking for an energetic yet slightly bitter album to kiss summer goodbye with, “I Hate Music” should definitely be that album, unless of course you hate music. And with bands like Superchunk around, you really shouldn’t.

SCORE – 8.6

FAVORITE TRACKS – Overflows, Void, Low F, Trees in Barcelona, Out of the Sun, Your Theme, FOH, What Can We Do 


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