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A$AP Ferg – “Trap Lord” – ALBUM REVIEW

A$AP Ferg “Trap Lord”


Trap. Just the word conjures different meanings from different people. Some people think Admiral Akbar from Return of the Jedi. Some people think of TNGHT or Baauer. Some people think “B-B-B-BRICK SQUAAAAAAAAD,” “BURR BURR,” “SKRRRRRT,” and “WAKA FLOCKA WAKA FLOCKA WAKA FLOCKA.” I’m going to be talking about the latter definition of trap.

Trap is a subcategory of hip hop that involves ig’nant lyrics, very hard hitting beats (complete with stuttering hi-hats and strange snare/bass patterns), weird almost nonsensical celebrity references, bragging, drug references, and careers based on more mixtapes than albums. Truth be told, it’s one of the least respected subcategories of hip hop even though it’s probably the most fun and most groundbreaking.

A$AP Ferg is a member of the New York-based A$AP Mob, whose undisputed most famous (and probably most talented) member is A$AP Rocky, who, with the help of mob founder A$AP Yams, skyrocketed to fame with the help of the internet and insane beat choices. A$AP Ferg has always been obscured by Rocky’s shadow, but I think with “Trap Lord” that is going to change. He was initially ridiculed for his “Chips Ahoy!” line on A$AP Rocky’s “Ghetto Symphony,” but I think Ferg is coming back from that embarrassment in a great way with this debut album of his.

If you claim to only enjoy “real hip hop,” then chances are you probably won’t enjoy “Trap Lord,” even though I feel like it could appeal to hip hop snobs who cry while listening to “Dance With The Devil” as well as lean-drinkers who think “Flockavelli” is as good as “Ready to Die.” The truth is, “Trap Lord” is one of the catchiest, most fascinating hip hop albums of the year, and I honestly think it’s a slightly better release than Rocky’s “Long.Live.A$AP.”

Some of the songs on this album are very strange. “Lord (ft. Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony)” features an odd outro/prayer thing that almost sounds like it’d be an interlude on “The Love Below.” “Hood Pope” is almost exclusively sung. “4:02” begins with what sounds like the audio to one of Ferg’s awkward sexual experiences.

Now as catchy and fun as this album can be, there are a few lyrical cliches that I imagine will make a lot of people scoff. “Poppin’ bottles/poppin’ models” is thrown in there. He mentions molly, which every rapper and their mother seems to want to rap about. He talks about chains and jewelry. But honestly, none of this really truly bothers me, because I’m not expecting for someone to jump on a trap beat and spit like Aesop Rock or something. It’s all in good fun, and that’s really what this album is: fun. It’s also got some incredible guest verses from Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony, Waka Flocka Flame, ScHoolBoy Q, and A$AP Rocky.

Basically, in order to enjoy this album, you shouldn’t go in expecting anything groundbreaking. It’s a fun album with extremely infectious verses and choruses. It’s definitely one of the more dark trap albums out there, but it still retains the braggadocio that should be present in this music style. He may always be overshadowed by A$AP Rocky, but I don’t think that means you should sleep on “Trap Lord” if you enjoy this style of music or want to get into this style of music.

SCORE – 8.5

FAVORITE TRACKS – Let It Go, Shabba (ft. A$AP Rocky), Lord (ft. Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony), Hood Pope, Fergivicious, Dump, Work Remix (ft. A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Trinidad Jame$, & ScHoolBoy Q), Murda Something (ft. Waka Flocka Flame), Make A Scene


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