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Lil Ugly Mane – “Three Sided Tape Volume Two” – MIXTAPE REVIEW

Lil Ugly Mane “Three Sided Tape Volume Two”


The other day, I reviewed Lil Ugly Mane’s new compilation mixtape “Three Sided Tape Volume One.” Almost immediately after that review was published he released Part Two of the Three Sided Tape compilation series. I’m not sure how many there will be, but these compilations all preceded what will be Ugly Mane’s final release. For all the other information I know about Lil Ugly Mane, go check out that review. Now I’m going to review “Three Sided Tape Volume Two.”

Like Volume One, Volume Two includes three extra long tracks that consist of numerous short songs and beats that Lil Ugly Mane has created over the past five years or so. While Volume One featured a lot of hard-hitting tracks, Volume Two is considerably more relaxed, and features very chilled beats that one almost would not expect from Lil Ugly Mane. Some of the beats on here are actually quite beautiful, but are still extremely layered and very well created.

As fascinating and pretty as Volume Two is, I’ve always preferred the angry, uglier side of Lil Ugly Mane that is shown more on Volume One. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see this side of him, and it really shows just how versatile and talented he is, it’s just not my personal preference when it comes to Lil Ugly Mane. As a matter of fact, there’s not nearly as much rapping on here as there is on Ugly Mane’s other projects. It’s mostly just a lot of beats sound like they would sound good for nearly any rapper. I can definitely imagine MF DOOM or Joey Bada$$ or Earl Sweatshirt laying down some great verses on top of some of these beats.

“Three Sided Tape Volume Two” only solidifies my belief that Lil Ugly Mane is one of, if not the most underrated rappers in the genre right now, and it’s upsetting that it won’t be long before he calls it quits. I definitely plan on cherishing any other releases he puts out between now and then though, and the Three Sided Tape series of tapes is definitely on its way to becoming one of my favorite releases of the year, even if it doesn’t really consist of much new material. It’s still worth it, as are Ugly Mane’s other mixtapes and songs. So definitely check him out as soon as possible.


SCORE – 7.6



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