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Dead In The Dirt – “The Blind Hole” – ALBUM REVIEW

Dead In The Dirt “The Blind Hole”


When it comes to your more extreme genres of music, it rarely gets more extreme than grindcore, in terms of speed and volume. Grindcore began in the mid-80s in England with the band Napalm Death, and eventually spread throughout Europe and North America. Grindcore is characterized by distorted guitars, loud bass, blast beats, and growled or screamed vocals which are usually indecipherable. Songs usually average at under a minute (with the shortest being Napalm Death’s famous one second song “You Suffer”) and commonly deal with a wide range of lyrical topics. It’s heavy metal for the punk fan.

One of America’s new up-and-coming grindcore groups (who also dabble in similar genres such as crust punk, powerviolence, and sludge metal) is Atlanta’s Dead In The Dirt, and their debut album “The Blind Hole” is a loud and quick album with about as many minutes as there are songs. “The Blind Hole” serves as both a tribute to the Napalm Deaths and Anal Cunts of days gone past as well as an experiment in what can be done in 30-second bursts of noise.

“The Blind Hole” is likely not to please every listener, but I imagine that fans of this style of music are bound to enjoy just how absolutely heavy this album is. If anything, it’s extremely authentic in context to the genre. It is ominous, angry, dark, and vicious, and that’s pretty much all that can be expected from it. As enjoyable as “The Blind Hole” is, it does unfortunately fall into the grindcore trap of not having much variation. Fortunately enough, it’s a 24-minute album, not a 44-minute one. Even if the songs do sound a bit similar, its length and—for lack of a better word—catchiness warrants multiple listens. The lead singer’s vocals are passionate and just filthy. The album is also mixed incredibly well.

Now I won’t leap to call this the best grindcore album since “Scum,” nor would I call it the best or heaviest heavy metal album of the year, but it’s an album that’s worth a few listens. “The Blind Hole” is well produced, well performed, and well written, and it should definitely find appreciation in the circles of music listeners who enjoy Charles Bronson and Infest and other groups that play very short bursts of energy.

SCORE – 7.9

FAVORITE TRACKS – Suffer, The Blaring Eye, Strength Through Restraint, Cop, No Chain, Vein, Pitch Black Tomb, Knife In The Feathers, Halo Crown


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