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outmind. – “miami.LP” – ALBUM REVIEW

outmind. “miami.LP”


One thing I will always be impressed by is a person’s ability to look at a computer screen and be able to create music. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how it’s done, and for that I will always respect an electronic musician, whether they create their music with synthesizers or samples or programs.

Outmind is a Brooklyn beatmaker/producer whose new release “miami.LP” has just been released through Little League Records. This LP is 10 short tracks that are all equally dreamy and jazzy, which bring to mind memories of J Dilla, Nujabes, and even some Kanye-like beats. These tracks are all extremely layered, delicate, and fairly beautiful and well constructed. Where it falls short, however, is its length. This album is only about 15 minutes long, making it feel more like a mixtape of ideas instead of fully realized instrumental pieces.

Does Outmind have talent and potential? Absolutely. The music that is on here is lush and hard not to enjoy. It’s incredibly relaxing, and I can practically envision MF DOOM using some of these beats and rapping over them. But it almost feels like he created the general idea for the song and lets it run for a minute or so, and then moves on to the next one. I could be misinterpreting the purpose of this album, but, like I said before, it feels like ideas instead of songs.

Now that’s not to understate what the songs are like. They’re all pretty and they’re all well made. They’re lo-fi and jazz influenced and remind me of something A Tribe Called Quest could work with. It’s just all repetition and no progression, and I feel like I’d enjoy this more if it were either longer and had a great flow, like J Dilla’s “Donuts,” or if it at least had some vocal samples or even an MC spitting over the beats. I’d definitely like to see Outmind collaborate with a rapper.

Overall, there are some very good ideas on this short album, but that’s really all it feels like. I’m not trying to sell Outmind’s talent short, nor am I trying to understate his ear for music, but I was hoping for a little more here. Again, I could be completely misinterpreting everything here. I am looking forward to hearing more from Outmind and hope he works to improve what he’s doing, because it shows quite a bit of promise.


SCORE – 6.3

FAVORITE TRACKS – whtufeel., respiral., comethru., thenextdai.


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