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Kopori Tombo – “Nothing E.P.” – EP REVIEW

Kopori Tombo “Nothing E.P.”


Noise. Some people know how to make angry, abrasive, unfriendly sounds into fascinating musical adventures. People like Steve Albini, Merzbow, Mike Patton, Lightning Bolt, and many more do things that would never in a million years get played on the radio, and they do it because they like it. Another one of these people is my pal Timmy Lambert, a college student in London who takes quite a bit of inspiration from people like Steve Albini and Mike Patton. And now he’s recorded himself an EP and released through the aforementioned Little League Records.

“Nothing E.P” is nowhere close to friendly on the ears, and that’s obviously intentional. From the opening feedback and narration of “Elizabeth’s Beach House” to the ending screams of “Surfer Blood,” this isn’t something you’ll want to play to help your little ones go to sleep. This EP is only about 7 minutes long, but it definitely shows potential in something I can only describe as “drum shouting.” Once Timmy’s vocal chords are repaired, expect something big from his Kopori Tombo project.

Like I said, it’s four tracks and barely meets the 7-minute mark, so there’s not much I can say except to give it a listen, because it’s a ton of fun and kinda terrifying.


SCORE – 8.3


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