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Stone Titan – “Scratch N’ Sniff” – ALBUM REVIEW

Stone Titan “Scratch N’ Sniff”


Stone Titan is a Connecticut-based doom metal/sludge metal band that play angrier-than-Samuel-L-Jackson, louder-than-a-My-Bloody-Valentine-concert, crazier-than-Charles-Manson music, with guitars that are so insanely heavy that they almost sound like Skrillex’s notorious bass drops (I mean this as a compliment and a description). Stone Titan defy the “stoner metal” genre tag by making music that would scare stoners right out of their pants, with balls-to-the-wall screeching feedback and screamed vocals straight outta hell. I mean, just look at that cover.

“Scratch N’ Sniff” is a sonic experiment of extremes that makes Electric Wizard look like Electric Light Orchestra. It sounds like being punched in the face by GG Allin (in the best possible way) and it’s one of the best heavy metal albums I’ve heard all year, and probably better than heavy metal album that came out last year. This is an especially amazing feat considering that a lot of bands who play music in this  sludgy doom metal field tend to get boring very quickly, or overstay their welcome by doing the same things. And don’t get me wrong, Stone Titan are somewhat repetitive, but their repetition sounds more like going insane and less like a gimmick. Truth be told, Stone Titan are as real as it gets.

I swear, the guitars in this album are tuned so low (or at least appear to be) I’m amazed they can even make a coherent sound, but the members of Stone Titan squeeze every ounce of bong fluid out of those guitars, and make them as incredibly loud and distorted as they can possibly be. It’s psychedelic, soul-crushing, and defies all laws of physics, but it’s a half hour of very well played music. The guitars and drums almost sound like they’re being tortured and tossed around and molested until they can’t possibly take anymore, and then they’re fed a burger.

But please, don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and listen for yourself. You can stream it for free on their Bandcamp. Determine for yourself whether this album would give King Buzzo a screaming orgasm. Listen to “Scratch N’ Sniff” and see if this makes Boris sound like Styx, Sleep sound like Om, Orange Goblin sound like channel ORANGE, etc. etc.  Stone Titan are doing nearly everything right, and they’ve crafted one of the most abrasive albums I’ve listened to all year. I cannot wait to hear more from this band, and to hear how much further they stretch the limits of sludge metal to make it psychedelic and heavy and almost impossibly loud. Come for the great song titles (“Alaskan Thunderfuck” is the best song title of the year, hands down) and stay for the amazing and almost overwhelming music.

SCORE – 9.5

FAVORITE TRACKS – I Wish I Was Fucking Dead, Groovy Warhead Commander, Alaskan Thunderfuck, Faul, Can ‘O Worms, Scratch N’ Sniff


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