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Pity Sex – “Feast of Love” – ALBUM REVIEW

Pity Sex “Feast of Love”



One of the strangest sub-genres of alternative rock is a little thing called “shoegaze.” Most people agree that the humble beginnings of shoegaze can be found on The Jesus and Mary Chain’s debut album “Psychocandy,” an album which mixed loud, screaming guitars with pop melodies. This trend was further explored by My Bloody Valentine on their 1991 sophomore release “Loveless,” often called the quintessential shoegazing album. Since then, shoegaze popularity has come and gone, but now, with bands like Silversun Pickups, M83, and Yuck gaining popularity, tons of bands are beginning to approach this strange style in different ways. Silversun Pickups combine shoegazing with mainstream alternative rock. M83 combine it with electronic dance music. Yuck combine it with garage rock. Bands like Jesu and Alcest combine with black metal and doom metal. Pity Sex combine it with indie rock and emo.

Pity Sex is a band from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and “Feast of Love” is their full length debut album. “Feast of Love” is a very somber album that brings to mind some of My Bloody Valentine’s pre-Loveless music, mixed in with a little bit of Breeders and Dinosaur Jr. The guitars are distorted and heavy for the most part, the vocals, especially those of Britty Drake, are solemn and rather beautiful, and the music is one of the most interesting approaches to emo I’ve ever heard. 

Although this album isn’t exactly fun to listen to, it is one of those rare albums that makes me want to hear it over and over again. The choruses are catchy, especially for such a sad and haunting release, and the guitar tones alone are enough to warrant countless listens from me. Plus, it’s a pretty short album; it barely hits the half hour mark. If you happen to be going through a breakup and need a 30-minute cry session, then add this album to your list of “cry session” albums, because it’s guaranteed to hit just right when you’re in a dark place.

“Feast of Love” is depressing, beautiful, vulnerable, and full of emotion, both in the playing of the instruments and in the lyrical content. The guitars swirl through the ears like a vortex of codeine and Valium, helping to make this a very dreamy and very dark album. People who enjoy any of the bands I named in this post are bound to enjoy “Feast of Love,” both as a tribute to those bands and as one of the most creative emo albums of the century. 

SCORE – 8.4

FAVORITE TRACKS – Wind-Up, Keep, Drown Me Out, Hollow Body, Sedated, Honey Pot, Fold


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