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billy woods – “Dour Candy” – ALBUM REVIEW

billy woods “Dour Candy”


Not much is known about New York based/D.C. born rapper billy woods, except that he’s a member of Backwoodz Studioz, and before last year he hadn’t released an album in nearly 10 years. Last year’s “History Will Absolve Me” was one of my favorite albums of that year, so you can imagine I was excited to hear that billy woods had a new album on the way, which would be entirely produced by New York producer Blockhead, who’s worked with Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Murs, and many more independent rappers.

Blockhead did an incredible job producing “Dour Candy.” The beats are intricate and very hard-hitting, which syncs up perfectly with billy’s lyrical, angry, political style of rapping. In terms of underground hip hop, woods is definitely one of the best out there, and Dour Candy is a pretty good followup to History Will Absolve Me.

billy woods name drops different political leaders like Karzai, Sedat, and Qaddafi, and definitely devotes a good portion of the record to discussing different political issues, and it seems like a perfect time. Ya know, with the whole Egyptians overthrowing their dictator thing, and the Syrian Civil War, and Obama’s promise to withdraw completely from Afghanistan by next year. You know, what the news devotes a few seconds of airtime to in between telling you how to feel about the George Zimmerman thing.

But I digress, because this is a great hip hop album that you should take the time to listen to. It is definitely consistent with History Will Absolve Me, although I’m not sure I enjoy it as much. If you’re looking for good old-fashioned political hip hop sort of like Public Enemy, then definitely give Dour Candy a listen, it’ll be worth your time. Fight the power.

SCORE – 8.0

FAVORITE TRACKS – The Undercard, Gilgamesh, Redacted (feat. Elucid), Poachers, Tinseltown, Hack, Pro Wrestling


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