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Sorry 4 the Late Album Roundup: April 2015

Album Roundup: April 2015 Though I might not have thought so on the outset, April did have a fair share of excellent albums. Nothing compares to the sheer madness that … Continue reading

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Album Roundup OH MY GOD EDITION!!!: March 2015

It’s time to do another one of these, loyal fans. So many excellent albums came out in March that it was hard to keep track, and I’m sure there were … Continue reading

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Album Roundup: February 2015

You know how it is. February is the year’s shortest month. Yet, the month was ridiculously stacked in terms of great releases. Not everything I heard as a hit, but … Continue reading

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Album Roundup: January 2015

Good news, everyone. JAKOB’S ALBUM REVIEWS IS BACK! After a short hiatus, I’m returning to bring you regular album reviews. You saw what my favorite albums of 2014 are, and … Continue reading

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The Music of 2014: Best Albums

The Music of 2014: Best Albums 2014 was a very special year for me. I finished high school, moved on to college, and became marginally more attentive to the world … Continue reading

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The Music of 2014: Honorable Mentions

The Music of 2014: Honorable Mentions¬† Well, the year is almost over, and AOTY season is upon us. Who put out the best album of 2014? The War on Drugs? … Continue reading

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Foxygen – “…And Star Power” – ALBUM REVIEW

Foxygen “…And Star Power” Sometimes, bands and artists commit what is called “career suicide,” in which they release an album almost as if to completely undo their entire career. Lou … Continue reading

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